Undenk says: Go Fucks yourself.

Sitting in a cubicle from 9-5 kills creativity. That’s why Undenk members from Berlin and Cologne teamed up to invent new jobs for themselves. Undenk Perth helped out as well, and now we’re proud to present the result of this collaboration: Fucks. Fucks is a fashion label, designing and producing street wear in small editions. As of now, they’re selling stylish sleeves for your MacBook and iPad, but expect more stuff to hit the virtual shelves later this year. The sleeves are available through the Gravis online store and can be seen at the Gravis stores in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin.

Check out their website at fucksyou.net or give ’em a thumbs up at Fucksbook or spread the word as our good friend deerBLN did.


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  1. rundenk says:

    Nice work guys. Really turning out high quality goods.

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