New year. New Desktop

A busy year has past us

Crazy shit went down. Big politics with the Arab Spring and a series of deaths of prominent people.

People will remember the common ones. Osama, Saddam, Kim Jong, Ghadaffi. Then there was Steve Jobs. That was a load of over hype. Sure he did good things not bad but really he was just a man and Apple is nobodies friend.

So this gets me here: We Had a competition in December and received a few good entries. This one stood out. This man past away only this month. Unfortunate but expected. But fuck he went well. He wrote about his impending death, and pulled it apart to create some amazing stories and articles.

Christopher Hitchens was a man to be reckoned with and the world is better place because of his existence. Apple and Jobs pale in comparison to the insight and beliefs of this one man – His never-ending quest to rid the world of irrationality. He encouraged the world to UNDENK. to look closer, be sceptical and question everything.

With that I say Congratulations to the winner of January’s desktop design. Who’s name wanted to be kept secret for reason I dont understand. They created a desktop that if you look closer reveals a little bit more.


Left click and save as: 1400×900,  1920×1200,   2560×1440





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  1. herb says:

    Couldn’t agree more!

    “Have a life instead of a career” – great advice!

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